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Canada: A People’s History chronicles the human drama that is Canada’s journey from past to present. Diaries, letters and archival documents tell the stories of those who shaped this country, in their own words. Using historical re-enactments, dazzling photography and digital special effects, Canada: A People’s History presents Canada as you’ve never seen it: a riveting account of our history, through the eyes of the people who lived it.

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Episodes 10-13 of Canada: A People’s History

Series 3 takes us through the hardships and achievements of the early days of the Dominion: the North-West Rebellion and the trial of Louis Riel, the building of the railway, massive immigration and the settling of the West. Canadians take their place on the world stage during the Great War, but the nation is soon crippled by a depression that will ends only when another terrible war engulfs Britain and its allies.

Episode 10: “Taking the West” (1873 – 1896)
Episode 11: “The Great Transformation” (1896 – 1915)
Episode 12: “Ordeal by Fire” (1915 – 1929)
Episode 13: “Hard Times” (1929 – 1940)

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