Canada, A People’s History Series 1


Canada: A People’s History chronicles the human drama that is Canada’s journey from past to present. Diaries, letters and archival documents tell the stories of those who shaped this country, in their own words. Using historical re-enactments, dazzling photography and digital special effects, Canada: A People’s History presents Canada as you’ve never seen it: a riveting account of our history, through the eyes of the people who lived it.

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Episodes 1-5 of the popular Canada: A People’s History documentary series are available in English and French.
These episodes range from ancient history and the stories passed down through native oral tradition to the first electric encounters between natives and Europeans, and from the wrenching battles that engulf the continent to the mass migration of Loyalists and the War of 1812. The dramatic stories of Canada’s beginnings unfold on a spectacular, forbidding landscape.

Episode 1: When the World Began (15,000 B.C. – 1800 A.D.) (Some objectionable material in this Episode only.)
Episode 2: Adventurers and Mystics (1540 – 1670)
Episode 3: Claiming the Wilderness (1670 – 1754)
Episode 4: Battle for a Continent (1755 – 1775)
Episode 5: A Question of Loyalties (1775 – 1815)

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