Canada is for Kids: Volume 2 (CD)


Michael Mitchell performances have thrilled children and adults alike. As a former writer and performer on Sesame Street Michael’s songs are sure to educate and entertain.

  • ISBN: 7609811632
  • Author: Michael Mitchell
  • Music CD
  • Ages: 5-7, 8-12

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  1. Black Fly Song
  2. Coal Town Road -hard life of coal miners and the ‘pit ponies’ that used to work beside them
  3. Headed for Canada – Irish immigrant sailing to Canada to escape the hardships of his native home
  4. Little Old Sod Shanty – a prairie sod buster’s life on a government claim
  5. au chante de l’Alouette – traditional French Canadian voyageur and coureur de bois song
  6. We’re All Looking for a Dinosaur -Michael wrote this one for Sesame Street about the dinosaurs that used to roam this land
  7. Water -Michael wrote this one for what we consider ‘good’ water and ‘bad’ water in this country
  8. Where the Coho Flash Silver –  west coast salmon trawler’s quest for those famous silver fishes
  9. Un canadien Errant – mournful tune about the MacKenzie – Papineau Rebellion of 1837
  10. Red River Cart Song – pioneer trek to Edmonton along the Calgary Trail
  11. Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor – rousing Newfoundland favourite
  12. Maple Sugar Time

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