Courage & Conquest Online History Course Series One

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This multimedia course will take students through the 1st half of the book Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canadian History. Each lesson includes a short introductory video by Donna Ward, the lesson in audio, video teaching and explanation about the assignments including the Six Historical Thinking Concepts, a lesson with Christian content, and some high school assignments.

Families will still need to manage a time line and extra reading as listed in the course to enhance learning.

Pre-recorded videos allow students to work at their own pace. There will not be live classes or discussion groups at this time.

The course will expire one year after purchase. It is split into two parts (Series 1 and Series 2) to allow for more flexibility with expiry dates.

The book Courage & Conquest is essential to the course. Siblings of one homeschool family may use the course together.

  • ISBN: 9780123459107
  • Author: Donna Ward
  • Online course
  • Grades 4-10


You will love the ease of having Donna Ward introduce history to your children, with video and the lesson in audio enhanced with music and sound effects. The content is self-paced, with short videos, audio, and assignments, along with recommended extra resources in books, videos, online resources to fill out the course for those who want to explore more.

  • Opening teaching video
  • Audio of lesson content
  • Teaching about the historical thinking concepts introduced in assignments
  • Christian application as separate topics which can be used according to personal convictions

Students of multiple grades can do the course, with extra assignments for advanced or high school students. This is most suitable for children of all ages who have not previously studied Canadian history.

The course content covers the time period of first European contact to Confederation.

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  1. Customer from Indonesia

    We are currently in Indonesia, and Vimeo videos are blocked here. We are able to access them using a VPN, but Safari seems to work better than Google on this. Maybe this will be of help to others who might try and access your curriculum outside of Canada. My son is watching the videos beside me as I test them out, and is wanting to start the first lesson right away! We’re looking forward to it.

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