Land Divided

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Land Divided


Page-turning adventure as two cousins sail down the Bay of Fundy on a dangerous quest during the French-English conflict in 1755. Their loyalty is stretched by the Acadian tragedy on Canada’s eastern shores.

First published in 1951, this is updated and abridged for today’s young reader by Donna Ward.

  • ISBN: 9781927474693
  • Author: John F. Hayes
  • 244 pages
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

Michael Harvey and his Acadian cousin, Pierre, search for Michael’s father lost on patrol. Danger surrounds the boys on their quest, for the year is 1755 when France and England are engaged in the struggle for control of the rich land of Acadia.

Their brave mission leads them to high adventure with an English spy inside the French stronghold of Fort Beauséjour, and then to Fort Saint John where Michael discovers his father, only to fall himself in the hands of the enemy. Father and son, bound for the cells of Louisbourg, manage to escape and return to their Annapolis home.

At Annapolis, they unwillingly play a part in the tragic expulsion of the Acadians, many of whom are their own relatives. Michael discovers a sinister secret at Fort Annapolis as danger lurks during this tumultuous time.

This book captures the charm of the Atlantic countryside and the day-to-day life of the ordinary people who pioneered on this seaboard of Canada.

This novel has been edited and abridged to be of greater attraction to young readers. Word count has been tightened to reflect the standard length of children’s novels by reducing lengthy descriptions without altering the content of the story.

Pierre backed against the wall as Michael crouched in surprise. The two soldiers moved slowly toward them, one on either side. They were British privates, with the familiar red coats and cocked hats of the army...
Pierre burst into a rapid chatter of French, and Michael sickeningly realized that he had almost replied in English. If he had done that, they would have been taken to Fort Lawrence where the Annapolis men would have recognized them at once. That would have ended the search for Captain Harvey.


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