Land Divided


Page-turning adventure as two cousins sail down the Bay of Fundy on a dangerous quest to find Michael’s father during the French-English conflict in 1755. Their loyalty is stretched by the Acadian tragedy on Canada’s eastern shores.

  • ISBN: 9781927474693
  • Author: John F. Hayes
  • 244 pages
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+
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In A Land Divided we join Acadian cousins from two cultures, Michael Harvey who is English, and his French cousin, Pierre Duchene, as they search for Michael’s father lost on patrol. Danger surrounds the boys as they pursue their hunt, for the year is 1755 when France and England are preparing for the struggle which will mean control of the rich land of Acadia.

Michael’s brave mission leads the boys to high adventure with an English spy inside the French stronghold of Fort Beausejour. The search continues to Fort Saint John where Michael discovers his father, only to fall himself into the hands of the French. Father and son, bound for the cells of Louisbourg, effect their escape and return to their Annapolis home. Here they unwillingly play a part in the tragic expulsion of the Acadians, and Michael discovers a sinister secret of Fort Annapolis.

Many colourful figures of early Canadian history live again in A Land Divided. This book has captured the charm of the Maritime countryside and the day-to-day life of the ordinary people who pioneered on this seaboard of Canada.

First published in 1951, this is updated and abridged for today’s young reader by Donna Ward.


Together they moved the barrels and boxes to form a roomy hiding place against the corner wall. There was no window, and no telling whether it was daylight or dark outside. They waited, but the hours dragged on, and when they crawled sleepily onto a pile of old sacks, the candle was almost gone. Soon the room turned pitch black. They lay quietly.

“I never thought we would get help in Beauséjour,” Michael said thoughtfully.

“You never know where your luck lies,” Pierre said. They talked until the noisy rattle and the click of the lock silenced them. The room lightened with the glow of a lantern. Sudden panic made them crouch low.

A quiet voice said, “Are you all right, lads?” and Michael recognized the crisp words of Pichon. He and Pierre scrambled out.

“You’re making yourself at home, I see,” Pichon said in a low voice. “Remember to be quiet. The cell guard often comes down those steps.”…..

…..After Pichon left they settled on their bed of coarse jute and dozed, then crawled out and nibbled on the bread and cheese Pichon had brought, talking, telling stories, and putting in the wearisome hours as best they could. The sudden rattle of the latch brought Michael upright. Before he could scramble out, Pichon was in the room, shifting the canvas screen back in place over the door. He turned, and one look at his face made Michael cry, “Oh, you’ve found out something! What . . .”

Pichon’s big hand fell on Michael’s shoulders. The man’s voice was excited, and his eyes gleamed with satisfaction.

“I found the right Mi’kmaq at last, lad! Your father was taken down to Fort Saint John! Vaudreuil gave the Miꞌkmaq their orders. For some reason he seems determined that Captain Harvey must not be returned to the English. But your dad is safe, as far as I can find.”

“He’s alive! He’s alive!”

“There now, boy,” Pichon said gently. “Easy, now.”

Michael blurted, “I want to start south.”

Pierre burst out, “Could we get away? Is it dark outside?”

Pichon held up his hand. “Yes, but it won’t be easy to get clear of the fort. We are under siege…. The French aren’t letting Acadians leave.”

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