Making Connections 3rd Edition


Suitable for Grade 9 or 10 Canadian geography in any province.

Geography is much more than a collection of facts about where things are located and why they are there. Most importantly, it is a subject that connects physical and social perspectives to the study of people, places and environments. Through the use of Making Connections: Canada’s Geography, you will have an opportunity to extend your ability to see Canada and the world as a geographer does.

  • ISBN: 9780133789980
  • Author: Bruce W. Clark
  • 563 pages
  • Ages: 12+
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In particular you will:

  • Learn about the physical, economic, cultural, political and environmental systems of Canada and how they interact with each other.
  • Examine the relationships between people and the urban, cultural, and economic environments within which they live.
  • Study the connections that exist between Canada and the rest of the world.
  • Consider how constant change affects Canada and the world and how change presents us with both challenges and opportunities.
  • Learn how to make more informed judgments about the issues that face us as Canadians.
  • Improve your ability to use the ‘toolbox’ that supports the geographer, such as the Internet, satellite imagery, geography information systems (GIS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Suitable for Grade 9 or 10 Canadian geography in any province. Trillium approved for Ontario schools.

Note: This is a textbook, not a course. Answer keys and assignments are not provided.

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Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Canadian Connections: An Overview
Chapter 1 – Exploring Canada: A Study in Connection

Unit 2 – Methods of Geographic Inquiry
Chapter 2 – Maps: The Geographer’s Basic Tools
Chapter 3 – Locating Places on a Map
Chapter 4 – Using Map Scales
Chapter 5 – A Revolution in Geography: GIS
Chapter 6 – Aerial Photos: A View from Above
Chapter 7 – Satellite Imagery: The View from Space
Chapter 8 – Graph It!
Chapter 10 – Cruising the Information Superhighway
Culminating Activity – Geographic Places: More Than Dots on a Map!

Unit 3 – Physical Connections: Canada’s Ecozones
Chapter 11 – Canada’s Geologic History
Chapter 12 – Canada’s Landform Connections
Chapter 13 – Canada’s Climate Connections
Chapter 14 – Canada’s Soil and Natural Vegetation Connections
Chapter 15 – Making the Connections: Canada’s Ecozones
Culminating Activity – Destination: Canada!

Unit 4 – Cultural Connections
Chapter 16 – An Introduction to the Study of Population
Chapter 17 – Canada’s Aboriginal Population in the 21st Century
Chapter 18 – Immigration: A Canadian Tradition
Chapter 19 – Rural Settlement Patterns
Chapter 20 – Urban Settlement Patterns
Chapter 21 – Urban Land Use
Culminating Activity – Canadian Communities of Today and Tomorrow

Unit 5 – Economic Connections
Chapter 22 – Sectors of Canada’s Economy
Chapter 23 – Fishing: An Industry in Crisis
Chapter 24 – The Business of Farming
Chapter 25 – Forest Resources and Their Uses
Chapter 26 – Canada’s Mineral Wealth
Chapter 27 – Energy: Powering Our Nation
Chapter 28 – Location Factors and Manufacturing
Chapter 29 – Services: Where the Jobs Are
Chapter 30 – Transportation: Canada’s Circulatory System
Chapter 31 – Communications: Canada’s Nervous System
Culminating Activity – Locating a New Business

Unit 6 – Canada’s Global Connections
Chapter 32 – Canada and the World Economy
Chapter 33 – Canada’s International Relationships
Chapter 34 – Foreign Trade: The Foundation of Canada’s Economy
Chapter 35 – Our Cultural Connections with the United States
Culminating Activity – Beyond our Borders

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