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Pretend Passport Printables

Pretend passports are a great resource to record places you visit throughout the year through studies and books. Whenever you read a story set in a world location, or study another culture, put a sticker or stamp in your passport for a record of all the places you’ve virtually visited.

Class or co-op Group Activity: 

Plan a Geography Fair. Choose a country to present – make a short presentation such as a folk dance, a song, or poem, or set up a display which may include maps, pictures, projects, a country stamp or sticker for passports, and an international food sample enough for all in attendance.  Children receive play passports and go to each station for country stamps (or stickers). They should record 2-4 facts they learn about each country in their passport.

“We rave about our geography fairs for weeks afterward. They are a really neat way learn and share.” 

Purchase blank sticker pages at your business supplies store, then print and cut-out them out to put in your pretend passport.

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