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Grade 4: First Peoples and European Contact Inclusive Bundle (Mitchell Made)


The bundle includes the Grade 4 course First Peoples and European Contact (MM) by Holly Mitchell and great resources to intrigue your learners.

This Grade 4 Socials and English course focuses on First Peoples and European Contact. It meets the majority of the standards and big ideas for British Columbia Socials and English 4 standards with cross curricular aspects between grades 3 & 5. The main resources, Courage and Conquest and The Kid’s Book of Canadian History, lead the timetable while all other resources integrate into the schedule.

The course is an online product with access for one year from time of purchase.

  • ISBN: 9780123454249
  • Author: Holly Mitchell
  • Ages: 8-12

The Mitchell Made Courses have a quality literature base and are designed from a Biblical perspective to meet the modernized BC curriculum standards. All courses in this series can be used multi-grade as activities can be adjusted for various ages. Students will experience all 3 core competencies throughout each prepared course: communication, thinking, and personal/social skills. This course is particularly suited to British Columbia requirements.

Students with challenges can do the course through more discussion and less writing of answers to the lesson questions. The Canada A People’s History DVD series is highly recommended (though out of print) as a visual/audio experience that will complement the learning but alternatively there are online videos linked into the course schedule.

All courses in this series can be used multi-grade as activities can be adjusted for various ages.

The course is an online product. You will be enrolled in the course upon purchase. Please see the Enrolled tab. Access is available for one year from time of purchase.

Course includes: read-aloud suggested titles, oral discussion, grade appropriate writing activities, art fun and online links.


  • Month 1 (September) Canada’s Beginnings
  • Month 2 (October) New France & the First Nations
  • Month 3 (November) Novel Study Madeleine Takes Command
  • Month 4 (December) Growth Pains in our Nation
  • Month 5 (January) War and Economic Growth
  • Month 6 (February) BC, Confederation, Rebellion
  • Month 7 & 8 (March-April) First Peoples & European Contact Novel Study


  • Course Learning Samples Summary
  • Tracking the Learning Outcomes
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