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My Story: Desert Danger


Tim is living in England during the time of the Blitz when he is called to serve in the military. Because he’s worked as a mechanic, he’s chosen to go to North Africa and work at clearing out dangerous enemy land mines. But the mines are right between the battling armies of the British and the Germans. Will Tim be able to get through this war?

  • ISBN: 9780545994156
  • Author: Jim Eldridge
  • 160 pages
  • Ages: 8-12, 12+

Tim is living in England during the time of the Blitz when he is called into the military. Because he's worked as a mechanic at his uncle's garage, he does well at mechanical tasks during military training, and is chosen to go to North Africa as a sapper.

His extremely dangerous job is to clear out enemy land mines so the Allied forces can proceed. The problem is that the mined land is right between two battling forces, the British 8th Army and the German army under General Rommel ― the dreaded Desert Fox. Rommel believed that his minefields around Alamein were invincible ― an area so heavily mined it was called "The Devil's Garden," with over half a million land mines in one section alone.

The sappers' success was crucial in allowing Allied forces to proceed. When they did, Rommel's forces were routed. Rommel later said that the defeat of the German armies by Montgomery's forces resulted in Germany losing the war. Each title in the My Story series takes the reader on an adventure through a pivotal time in history. The books, written in first-person, are both exciting and fast-paced.

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