Unlock the Levels of Government


Unlock a world of civic knowledge with our brand-new, free printable resource designed specifically to educate children about the fascinating levels of government.

Ages: 8-12
Pages: 9


Embark on an engaging adventure as your kids delve into the intricacies of municipal, provincial, and federal governance. Through worksheets and age-appropriate explanations, students will discover the various responsibilities and who manages what service. They can begin the unlock various levels in the intricate tapestry of government.

With each level explored, your children will build a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of our political system. This free resource is a valuable tool for anyone eager to spark a lifelong passion for civic engagement in the hearts of our young citizens. Download your free copy today and let the journey of discovery begin!

For a more in-depth, interactive, 14 lesson study look for the Guide to Government Bundle.


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